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DeepSouthCon 44 was held July 21-23, 2006 in conjunction with Trinoc*coN 2006 in Raleigh Durham, NC. Membership was about 514 and the chairman was Mike Moon.

GoHs were David Drake and John Kessel, Artist GoH was Patrick Meadows, Literary Special Guest was Barry N. Malzberg, and David G. Hartwell was Literary Toastmaster.

Dan Caldwell won the Rebel Award, while John Kessel won the Phoenix Award. The Rubble Award went to the entire Robe family (Gary and Corlis) "for not telling us Where To Go and What To Do."

Literary Guests included Dale Bailey, Davey Beauchamp, Jeanne Beckwith, Richard Butner, F. Brett Cox, Kathryn Cramer, Gregory Frost, Jim Grimsley, A. Leigh Jones, James Patrick Kelly, K.A. Laity, Jason Erik Lundberg, Lee Martindale, James Maxey, Jack McDevitt, Jana Oliver, Mike D. Pederson, Anne Petty, Stephen Mark Rainey, Jack Slay, John C. Snider, Laura J. Underwood, Mark L. Van Name, Bud Webster, Toni Weisskopf, Steve White, Allen L. Wold, and Gene Wolfe.

Art Guests included Janet Chui, Scott Cover, Fran "Obsidian" Harris, William Nick Johns, Ingrid Neilson, Mirana Reveier, Bob Snare, Billy Tackett, Daniel Trout, and Kerry Walker.

Costuming Guests included U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, Carolina 501st, Betty Adorno, Cheralyn Lambeth, The Shadow Players, and Capt. Keela sutai-Septaric.

Comics Guests included Sherri Belmar, Loren Coven, Jenn Dolari, Greg Eatroff, Barb Fischer, Stephanie Freese, Chris Hazelton, Larry Holderfield, Gene Kannenberg, Erin Lindsey, Chris Lowrance, Diana Cameron McQueen, Dave Milloway, Van Plexico, Jamie Robertson, Jason Siebels, Elizabeth Troub, Kevin Volo, and Matt Wood.

Gaming Guests included Mur Lafferty, Christopher Sloan, and Charles White.

The Musical Guest was Three Quarter Ale.

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