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(Are you looking for the fanzine Train-Con?)

A fannish group trip via railroad, usually to Worldcon. There have been a number of Traincons since 1976, some formally organized, others more casual.

(Because a consistency can be a hobgoblin, we'll list some Buscons here, also.)

Convention Dates Start Destination Notes
Texacon September 1, 1976 Fort Worth, TX Kansas City, MO for MidAmeriCon
Buscon July 24-25, 1976 Washington, DC Washington, DC Meant to be a party on a bus, it was organized by Erwin S. Strauss and was cancelled.
ConVoy April 8-10, 1977 Balticon 11 Lunacon 20 Organized by Erwin S. Strauss
Traincon 1 2013 Chicago San Antonio Organized by Bill Thomasson
Traincon 2 Aug 15-Aug 18 and Aug 24-Aug 25, 2015 Chicago Spokane, WA Organized by Bill Thomasson
Traincon 3 August 16 & 22, 2016 Chicago Kansas City, MO for MidAmeriCon II Organized by Bill Thomasson
Traincon 4 August 11 & 23, 2018 Chicago San Jose, CA for Worldcon 76 in San Jose Organized by Bill Thomasson
Traincon 5 July 3-4 & July 8-9, 2019 Chicago and Emeryville, CA Salt Lake City for Spikecon Organized by Bill Thomasson (East) and Nancy Alegria (West)

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