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One of the first Tolkien-related fanzines published. It was published first by the New York Tolkien Society and then the Tolkien Society of America. There were 15 issues (8.5" x 11") between Spring 1965 and Summer 1972 when it merged with Mythlore.

Ian Ballantine was an early supporter, paying for the first two issues to be mimeoed and for the mailing list to be put on Addressograph stencils.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1965 1 Ed. is Dick Plotz; Reprinted December 1968
2 Winterfilth 1965 3 Reprinted December 1968
3 V2.1 "Afteryule" 1966 16
4 V2.2 "Astron" 1966 18
5 V2.3 "Afterlithe" 1966 17
6 V2.4 "Hrive 9834" Winter 1966 17
7 V3.1 1967 28 Includes Green Dragon #2
8 V3.2 1967
9 V3.3 late summer, 1968 23 Ed. is now Ed Meskys
10 V3.4 November 1969 16
11 V4.1 January 1970 24 Joint issue with Orcrist #3; Ed. is Richard C. West
12 V4.2 Winter 1970 24 Joint issue with Mythlore #5; Ed. is Glen GoodKnight
13 V4.3 1969-1970 24 Joint issue with Orcrist #4; Ed. is now Richard C. West
14 V4.4 1970-1971 32 Joint issue with Orcrist #5
15 Summer 1972 32 J. R. R. Tolkien 80th birthday issue; Ed. is Ed Meskys and Glen Goodknight

The Tolkien Journal online at

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