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A genzine of news and general convention information of around 40 printed pages/issue. Edited by John Trimble and Bjo Trimble. Contributors included A. E. van Vogt, Edd Cartier, Forrest J Ackerman, Alicia Austin, and Weaver Wright. Published by Methuselah Press. Much of the material relates to L. Ron Hubbard, and the entire project was viewed as being tainted by the Scientology brush. The magazine concentrated on many parts of fandom, including the space program. All issues examined are printed on 11x17 stock folded and saddle-stapled to be 8.5x11.

The first issue, "Premiere Issue 0," is dated August 1983. Cover by Edd Cartier, featuring an interview with Hubbard from the Rocky Mountain News, an article by Cartier on illustrating Hubbard (excerpted from a book on Hubbard due to be published in Fall 1983), an article on the Hugo Awards by John Trimble discussing the Hugo chances of Hubbard's Battlefield Earth, a selection of ideas about life in the year 3000 framed by mention of Battlefield Earth, and an L. Ron Hubbard Club Page. Non-Hubbard material includes a report on the Gernsback Awards; a column by Forrest J Ackerman; a space column by Warren James; a space-militarization promotional piece by Jim Baen, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, G. Harry Stine, and Dean Ing; and various reviews and news columns. It is 40 pages including the covers, all black and white; close to half the content is (apparently paid) ads.

The second issue, "Issue #1," is dated Oct./Nov. 1983. Cover is three color (blue and black on white stock) by Alicia Austin. Includes interviews with Theodore Sturgeon and Austin. Reprints Hubbard on "The Jungles of Craft" and has another L. Ron Hubbard Fan Club page. Ackerman and James reprise their columns in both this and the next issue. Weaver Wright has a film column, and there are letters of comment on the premiere issue. 40 pages, of which approximately 1/3 are (apparently paid) ads.

The third issue, "Issue #2," is not dated, but copyright 1984 by Methuselah Press. 4-color screened cover by George Richard. Interviews with Richard and Hal Clement. Articles by A. E. van Vogt on fantasy, Dennis Fischer on writers on writing, and Harry Andrushak on Halley's Comet. Obituary for William L. Crawford, major small-press editor. News-bits, another L. Ron Hubbard Fan Club page, letters, and convention listings including several pages on LACon and the Hugo Nomination form and rules. 44 pages, of which about 1/4 are (apparently paid) ads.

There was a failed attempt, in conjunction with Terry Carr, to turn it into a prozine. Because of the large amounts of advertising, it might be appropriate to call this a semiprozine rather than a genzine.

Issue Date Pages Notes
0 August 1983 40
1 October-November 1983 40
2 1984 44

Publication 1983
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