The Serious Scientific Talks

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Table of Contents:

The Speeches

  • The Need for BAD Science Fiction (1974)
  • Time-Travellers Among Us (1975)
  • The Return of the Backyard Spaceship (1976)
  • The Bermondsey Triangle Mystery (1977)
  • Up the Conjunction: An Investigation into Astrology (1978)
  • Eau de Clone (1979)
  • The Mysterious World of Bob C. Shaw (1981)
  • Beyond Cosmos (1982)
  • Conning Your Way (1983)
  • Ten Years, but Not Decayed (1984)
  • My Life and Space/Times (1985) -- titled Worldcon After Dinner Speech in A Load of Old BoSh
  • What I Learned from Watching Star Trek (1987)
  • The Importance of Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies (1988) -- titled A Serious Scientific Talk in A Load of Old BoSh
  • Corn Is the Lowest Form of Wheat (1990)

Appendix: Past Collections

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