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A little-known fact of history is that in 1969, Neil Armstrong committed the first known act of extraterrestrial trespass when he stepped onto the floor of Mare Tranquillitatis -- the Moon having been claimed many years earlier by multiple fannish organizations. Here are what we know of:

1952 -- Chicon II[edit]

Moon Deeds

1952 -- The Little Men[edit]

In 1952, the Little Men, a Berkeley, CA, club, claimed part of the moon and ran a Chicon II program: "Lunar Geology of the Little Men's Mining District".......Lester Cole

See “The Little Men And The MOON” by Don Fabun, Rhodomagnetic Digest 19, p. 3.

1953 -- Postage Stamps[edit]

Interplanetary Stamps

1957 -- Beer Can Tower[edit]

Tower to the Moon

Late 1960s -- NESFA[edit]

Early in its history, NESFA laid claim to the Moon.

NESFA Lunar Realty Trust #1

1999 -- Worldcon bid[edit]

Moonbase Alpha in '99

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