The Great Spider

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From a Spiderist tract.

A fannish ghod, the Great Spider is the deity of the latter-day fannish religion of Spiderism, originated by Minneapolis fans John Kusske, Al Kuhfeld, and Blue Petal in the 1970s. The trio published Spiderist tracts that they gave to doorbell-ringing missionaries from the Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and other such proselytizing faiths.

The Great Spider eats peoples' souls when they die, unless they have paid an appropriate bribe to a priest of the Great Spider. It should be remembered that Kusske was the Chief High Priest.

The Great Spider has also been known to eat entire automobiles just to provide parking spaces to particularly devout followers. In the spirit of ecumenism, Leah Zeldes Smith, High Priestess of the Midwest, Church of Herbangelism, offers the proper prayer:

   O Great Spider, full of grace
   Help me find a parking place!

Great Spider tract.

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