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Takumi Shibano, photo by Bruce Pelz

(October 27, 1926 – January 16, 2010)

A math teacher, Takumi Shibano co-founded and edited Uchūjin, Japan's first sf magazine, in 1957. He wrote several science fiction novels and in the 1970s he became a translator of science fiction into Japanese. Shibano was Fan GoH at two worldcons, LACon III in 1996 and Nippon 2007. He chaired many early sf conventions in Japan. In 1968, the Trans-Oceanic Fan Fund paid for him to attend Worldcon for the first time and he was announced as a Special Guest at Baycon, and since 1979 he attended most Worldcons and served as the presenter of the Seiun Award.

He contributed to Roy Tackett's fanzine Dynatron, ConFrancisco gave him a special committee award "for his international activities." He won the 1987 Big Heart Award. He was FGoH at Bubonicon 13 in 1982.

His wife was Sachiko Shibano.

  • An obituary appears in File 770 158, April 2010, p. 10.

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