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(1851 -- 1940)

Thomas O'Conor Sloane was a professor of natural sciences at Seton Hall University and held an A.M., an E.M., and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, as well as an LL.D. He was also an inventor. His son John, an airplane factory owner, married Thomas A. Edison's daughter Madeleine; and they had four children, Edison's only grandchildren.

Sloane was the editor of Scientific American and The Experimenter, an associate editor of Science and Invention and served on the editorial staff of several more popular periodicals such as Everyday Engineering Magazine.

Later in life Sloane was associate editor of Amazing Stories and Amazing Stories Quarterly under Hugo Gernsback (1926-1929). He became editor of both magazines in November 1929. Amazing Stories Quarterly ceased publication in 1934, but Sloane remained editor of Amazing until 1938 (when the magazine was sold to Ziff Davis) which moved it to Chicago, naming Raymond A. Palmer as Sloane's successor.

While editor, he bought the first stories by E. E. Smith, John W. Campbell, Jr. and Jack Williamson.

It has been reported by more than one genre historian that Sloane believed man would never conquer space, despite printing many interplanetary stories during his editorship of Amazing.

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