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(1) A Hoax Convention[edit]

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
A surprisingly large convention in Sydney Australia in 1941. It was later confessed to be a hoax, never occurred.

Issue 28 of Mumblings from Munchkinland attributes the hoax to Bert Castellari and reproduces a Special Note from issue 117 of Startling Stories reporting the convention to have been held April 13, 1941, and attended by sixty-seven fans. Fantasy Times relayed "scarcely credible news" of an Australian convention attended by 65 fans, pointed out how amazing this was in view of "Australia's small population, war restrictions and the embryonic state of science fiction fandom there", and then congratulated Australians on their achievement.

(2) Some Australian Natcons[edit]

The first Australian Natcon, held in Sydney in 1952, was officially called the First Australian Science Fiction Convention, but was nicknamed Sydcon; the Second, Third and Fourth Australian Science Fiction Conventions were also dubbed Sydcons.

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