Fourth Australian Science Fiction Convention

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The fourth Australian Natcon, held in Sydney in 1955, at Dunbar House, Watson's Bay. Arthur C. Clarke was GoH. Pat Burke was Chairman.

This convention had been assigned to the North Shore Futurian Society.

Issue 31 of Melbourne newszine Etherline reports the following committee members: W. Hubble (Organizer), A. Haddon (Secretary), P. Burke (Chairman), M. Bos (Local publicity), and D. Cohen (Treasurer). However, Arthur Haddon has been credited with doing much of the organising.

The official dates were March 18-19-20. However, the convention could alternatively be considered to have been run March 19-20 with a Fancy Dress Ball as a prelude on the 18th.

Attendees of the Ball included Bill Veney and partner as Salome and the Wandering Jew, Arthur Haddon as a Martian Grub, Norma Hemming as a Venusian Swamp Girl, Bill Hubble as a character from L. Sprague de Camp's "Stolen Doormouse", and Doug Nicholson as a ghoul.

A portion of the Business Meeting addressing a split in Sydney fandom was chaired by Ian Crozier of Melbourne.

A convention report by Roger Dard is reprinted in issue 24 of Mumblings from Munchkinland.

A convention report by I. J. Crozier was printed in issue 47 of Etherline.

Issue 73 of Etherline reports that a surplus of @<£>@26-8-3 was passed on to Olympicon.

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