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The fannish equivalent of a prosucker, a sycofan craves BNFhood and believes the way to get it is to associate only with BNFs. This social climber's fanac comprises kissing up to fans deemed important in order to get fanzine contributions, invitations to closed-door parties and introductions to other BNFs, and to bask in their reflected glory with hopes that some of it will rub off.

Sadly, this often works.

In Chapter 14 of The Enchanted Duplicator, Jophan meets Sycofan while crossing the Desert of Indifference on his way to Trufandom. He finds this pale and sickly-looking fellow kneeling before an altar and beating his head on the ground to invoke the BNFicient spirits. The spirits do provide some aid, but just enough to keep Sycofan praying.

Jophan looked at Sycofan's weak face and privately decided that it was doubtful if he would ever complete the journey to Trufandom. After pondering the matter for some minutes he came to a conclusion.

"I was told," he said earnestly, "that the journey to Trufandom is one that can be accomplished only by a fan's unaided efforts, and I believe this to be true. I cannot believe that if the BNFicient spirits give aid to one who merely asks it they would withhold it from one who shows that he deserves it. I urge you to leave your altar and come with me."

"Why, you're only a Neofan," sneered the other. "Why should I associate with you when I can have the help of BNFs?"

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