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(Did you mean Massachusetts fan Stu Schiffman?)

(February 12, 1954 – November 26, 2014)

Stu Shiffman was a renowned fanartist. He received the 1990 Best Fan Artist Hugo and was nominated in 1979-87, 1990-94.

He was voted the 1981 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate. The following year he began his TAFF report, A Raffles Lad Abroad or The Road to Yorcon. He chaired the not-a-hoax bid-no-sirree Flushing in '80, NY in '86, and was also involved in Breckenridge in '85. He was on the Corflu 17 committee and a member of APA-Q.

He was a Sherlockian and Taral Wayne published the tributezine The Slan of Baker Street for him in 2012 as he was recovering from a stroke. Stu was a native New Yorker but moved to Seattle in the mid-90s with his longtime partner Andi Shechter. He and Andi married in 2014.

Fanzines and Apazines:

Especially notable fanzines he illustrated and other illustrations include A Fan's Christmas in Ireland, Ghughle, Beyond the Enchanted Duplicator to the Enchanted Convention, It's a Wonderful Ish (with Andy Hooper and Jerry Kaufman), and Peace on Sol III. Besides those, he contributed illustrations to numerous fanzines.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Obituary in File 770.

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