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When a mimeoed fanzine is being printed, the wet ink on the newly printed sheet may smudge onto the back of the next sheet to be printed, making the printing look muddy. To prevent this, one can slipsheet, or insert by hand spare sheets of old paper (crudsheets or dry unneeded copies of other pages) or cards between sheets as they are printed. Another word for this process is interleaving.

Afterward, removing the extra paper is called de-slipping.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Interleaving freshly-run mimeographed pages with absorbent sheets to prevent offset is one of the more uninspiring jobs of publication. Some machines like the AB Dick electrics have automatic slipsheeters, and various fans have tried to devise elementary devices to let them handle mimeography single-handed. In Hyphen, James White described Walt Willis' experiements with a shaker which distributed rice grains over the page as it hit the tray. WAW added that rice was too light to shake out properly and he was experimenting with airgun shot -- BBs to us Yanks.

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