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(September 1, 1928 -- June 9, 2018)

ShelVy was a fanzine fan living near Panama City, Florida who first became active in the 40s. He was married to fellow fan Suzanne Vick. He was a member of the Alien Science-Fantasy Club, Wirez, the Alien Science-Fantasy Club, the Florida Flames, the N3F, Wirez, and BeAppreciation Club (he was President of both) and part of Project Fan Club. He was a member of SAPA.

He famously introduced Lee Hoffman to Bob Tucker when everyone thought LeeH was a man.

He started the successful WAW With the Crew in '52 fan fund to bring Walt Willis to the US in 1952 and he himself was the recipient of the Corflu Fifty fan fund in 2012 taking him to Corflu 29. He won the Rebel Award in 2012. He is credited with the Lazy Letter and was an expert with Vicolor. He organized Corflu 16 (Corflu Sunsplash) in 1999. He was selected Past president of the FWA in 1999.

A tribute by Jon D. Swartz appeared in Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report (New Series #56, 2nd Quarter, 2018).

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