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Ad from the Clevention Special Progress Report. (Note that Carl L. Dill was also part of the project.)
From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
An activity started by Orville W. Mosher late in 1951. The original aim of the group, which had the assistance of Shelby Vick, Nan Gerding, Dick Clarkson, and others, was to collect and publish information about how to form a fanclub. Mosher circulated a number of questionnaires to various fanclubs. The group collected information about most of the existing fan clubs, local, national, and international, and published a list (which you are advised to obtain iff'n you want more information than we can give you about clubs). PFc also helped round up material for the auction at the ManCon of 1952, and helped other clubs, it's said, in other ways.

Club 1951
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