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Randy Cleary. Drawing by Charlie Williams. From DSC 50 PB

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Randy B. Cleary is a Southern fan and artist who co-chaired Con*Stellation XIV.

He was born and grew up in North Carolina, ending up in Huntsville when he moved there for work after graduating from NC State. He also worked stints in Raleigh and Atlanta before moving back to Huntsville in 1998. Randy says he became a fan long before he discovered fandom, but he's done tons in the latter starting with neighborhood sf-themed clubs while still growing up. He's been active in North Alabama Science Fiction Association (including stints as President and Program Director) and Con*Stellation while in Huntsville (both times), and helped found the Atlanta Science Fiction Society (becoming their first President) as well the GA-Filk convention while living in Atlanta. Randy's an accomplished fan artist whose illustrations appear regularly in diverse fannish publications. His work has also been used on awards, buttons, hats, and t-shirts. His strong graphic style and precise technique are used to illustrate a wide range of sf, fantasy, and horror themes "with the occasional hint of humor" as he puts it. Randy has been the head of the Con†Stellation Art Show for the last many years.

Randy is a member and past regional director and of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. Since the early ’90s, he has attended several conventions a year, including a few Worldcons. For various conventions he's been a co-chair, an Artist GoH, masquerade judge, art show director, auctioneer, party thrower, and general helper. He's also been active at various times in APAs—including the Southern Fandom Press Alliance—and the Southern Fandom Confederation (as President and newsletter publisher). Not surprisingly, all this fannish activity resulted in a well-deserved 2009 win for the Rebel Award for service to Southern Fandom.

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