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An apazine published by Norm Clarke, Gina Ellis, and Boyd Raeburn starting in 1963. It ran till 1967 and was known for its acerbic humor. Queebshots was like a series of one shots, and each issue has its own subtitle. Robert Lichtman, in a letter to Vegas Fandom Weekly #97, wrote, "Norm & Gina (Ellis) Clark, two of fandom's funniest writers...with Boyd Raeburn produced a series of "Queebshots" that raised the bar for short, pithy oneshots".

At least one issue, "Deep in the Glen", was distributed by FAPA.

In 1976 Susan Wood published Queebshot, a one shot homage to Queebshots.

Issue Date Pages Notes
3 1963 4 Subtitle: "Blues in the Closet". Produced at the 3rd Western Quebec Science Fiction Convention
4 1963 Subtitle: "Akavits In Aylmer"
5 1963 Subtitle: "Rats In My Room"
6 May 1964 4 Subtitle: "Deep In The Glen". Canadian Fancyclopedia says it was published in March 1964. In FAPA 107
7 1964
8 July 1964 Subtitle: "Terry Carr in Aspic"
9 September 1964 Subtitle: "Duck in the Afternoon"
10 November 1964 Subtitle: "Songs Some Mother Taught Me"
11 April 1965 Subtitle: "Black Is The Colour Of Glen Campbell's Hair"
12 May 1965 Subtitle: "Hoo Ha Hagerstown"
13 July 1965 Subtitle: "Gary-Lou-A Go-Go"
18 June 1966
19 November 1966
20 1967 Subtitle: "The Willard R. Biscuit Newsletter"

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