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(???? -- June 8, 2022)

Pat Silver is a UK fan who was on several con committees and assisted with tech at many others. She was winner of the Doc Weir Award in 1991 under the name Pat Brown, later that year she changed her name to Pat Silver. She got into fandom in part via comics: her first convention was a one-off Elfquest convention in the early 1980s.

She was also at that time a stalwart member of The Far Isles, a mediaeval re-enactment society, and a member of 42nd Squadron, who were effectively the SF branch of the Guild of Warriors re-enactment society.

When she was drawn into conrunning, her first love was working on tech, particularly for Eastercons and Novacons, where her extensive range of practical skills was invaluable. She also wrote several articles on Tech good practice for Ian Sorensen's fanzine Conrunner.

Tech also led to her becoming a well-known a cappella filker: Tim Broadribb put a microphone on her one day as she was singing while she worked, and a filk tape ("Windsinger") was one of the results.

She was on several convention committees, including Follycon.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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