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(Did you mean the Gonzalez/Weber fanzine?)

In fanspeak, a parasite is someone who attends cons for reasons other than to watch the program and socialize with fans.

Leah Zeldes Smith first used the term in the 1980s to apply to mundane jewelry hucksters who added cons to their craft-show circuits, and later to formerly fannish hucksters who began to use fandom as a means to a full-time living.

After a LoneStarCon 2 panel, “Parasites or Part of Us?” in 1997, the term broadened to include various con goers, from a.s.b types to gamers, who have no interest in SF or fandom but attend cons because they make convenient playgrounds or profit centers. It has also been used for pros, especially the type who are never seen outside of their panels and who use cons mainly as opportunities to promote their books and schmooze with other pros.

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