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Over the years it is estimated that 4,000 to 5,000 newszines have been issued. There is no comprehensive listing.

The Newszine Project on FANAC is an effort to find and put online facsimile versions of the many fan news publications that have been produced.

The project was instigated by Edie Stern with Joe Siclari and Mark Olson. It was inspired by an initial effort by Ned Brooks to scan hundreds of issues of Fantasy Times and Science Fiction Times. With that effort and the contributions of other fen, we have built an archive of about 2,500 Newszines so far available at Fanac

Fanac pages

Some widely available and copyrighted pubs are not be included, like Locus but it has a website of its own. Other faneds such as Dave Langford (Ansible and Mike Glyer (File 770 have agreed to participate.

This project does not include club or specialized organization publications, like NESFA's Instant Message, the SFSFS Shuttle, or the Mythopoeic Society's Mythlore.

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