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A mostly political fanzine with some fannish material published from 1970 by Samuel Edward Konkin III in New York City and then (under different titles) in Long Beach, California. Issues marked Renaissance Includes J. J. Pierce's fanzine Renaissance as an insert.

In 1975 it'd became New Libertarian Weekly and changed its format to one of short newszine. Then, after two years of being printed every week on schedule it had been folded and became New Libertarian monthly zine (then bi-monthly and then editor started having one problem after another but yet managed to publish some issues). There were several other titles with just a handful of issues. Total number of issues is 187 with the last issue of New Libertarian published in 1990 (tribute to Robert A. Heinlein issue).

Volume 2 (New Libertarian Notes proper) contained a lot of fannish materials, especially when it started. There were reviews of Heinlein and Anderson by Richard Friedman, three All-SF issues, Heinlein interview by J. Neil Schulman, the beginning of Rann Gold trilogy (Agent for Anarchy, Statesman, Dragon's Bane) by SEK3 himself, John J. Pierce's Renaissance supplement, and various fanart.

In volume 3 (New Libertarian Weekly) there were a regular SF column "Speculations" with reviews of fanzines, prozines, and occasionally with small sercon articles, a semi-regular column by Robert Anton Wilson (co-author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy) and interview with him, two comic strips. There were two more All-SF issues during those two years.

Volume 4 (New Libertarian) was, generally, less fannish, but it's where Dragon's Bane serialization was finished. And three more All-SF issues (including the last one, tribute to Robert A. Heinlein.)

Other titles include Laissez Faire! (five issues, all but the first are lost) New Libertarian: The Newsletter (five issues), New Libertarian Notes & Calendar (ten issues), Strategy of New Libertarian Alliance (two issues), Agorist Quarterly (only one issue). All of them were libertarian genzines, almost no fannish content at all.

In early 2000s SEK3 planned on re-animating New Libertarian (with a website as well) and even started gathering possible contributors in an email list, but nothing was ever finished until his death in 2004.

Most of time it was a nice typeset letter-sized zine with black-and-white art, contributors were paid by word, letters from subscribers were published and answered in special Epistolary section and various ads were published in classified Black Market section. Starting with volume 3, there was also Calendar column with listing of libertarian movement events and sometimes also fannish (frefen) events.

Vol. Issue Date Pages Notes NL Whole Number
Laissez Faire!
1 1 February 1, 1970 2 The very first issue NL001
1 5 June, 1970 Issues 2-5 are lost. NL005
New Libertarian Notes
2 1 February, 1971 8 NL006
2 2 March, 1971 8 NL007
2 3 April, 1971 8 NL008
2 13 September, 1972 28 All-SF Issue NL018
2 25 September, 1973 48 All-SF Issue NL030
2 27 NL032
2 28 NL033
2 29 Renaissance NL034
2 30 Renaissance NL035
2 31 Renaissance NL036
2 32 Renaissance NL037
2 33 NL038
2 34/35 September, 1974 48 Renaissance NL039
2 36 November, 1974 32 "Anarchist Graffiti. Where Were You In '69?" NL041
2 37 February, 1975 32 NL042
2 38 January-March, 1975 36 Renaissance NL043
New Libertarian Weekly
3 1 November 30, 1975 8 "Libertarians Have First Weekly!" NL044
3 18 April 18, 1976 4 "Renaissance Folds!"
3 38/39 August 29, 1976 - September 5, 1976 16 4th All-SF Issue, also numbered as New Libertarian Notes vol. 2 number 39
3 88/89 September 4, 1977 12 5th All-SF Issue, also numbered as New Libertarian Notes vol. 2 number 40
3 101 December 25, 1977 6 "Only Libertarian Weekly Folds But New Libertarian To Carry On!" NL144
New Libertarian
4 1 March, 1978 16 NL145
4 2 April, 1978 16 NL146
4 5/6 October, 1978 - January, 1980 32 6th All-SF Issue NL155
5 9 April-June, 1981 24 It became volume 5 at some moment but in some really weird way. There is not much info on kopubco's site. NL159
5 12.5 September, 1984 2 "New Libertarian has certainly been comatose since 1982 and sickly since 1978" --SEK3 NL163
4 18/19 December, 1987 32 "Is There a Libertarian Culture?" NL180
NL187 (vol. 4 number 20 and vol. 5 numbers 9/10) September, 1990 68 8th All-SF Issue (tribute to Robert A. Heinlein). Notice the odd numbering. The very last issue. NL187

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