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(September 20, 1928 – September 17, 2000)

Nancy Tucker at Ditto 10. Photo by Mark Olson.

Nancy Tucker Shaw, a fan very active in Ann Arbor fandom from the mid-1970s through 1990s, was introduced to fandom by her eldest son, actifan Larry Tucker. (She had three others.)

She threw herself wholeheartedly into whatever she did. For one ConFusion masquerade, she dressed as one of the newly resurrected Riverworld denizens of Philip José Farmer’s To Your Scattered Bodies Go and, for authenticity, shaved her head.

She chaired Nine Billion Names of ConFusion in 1981, ConFusion 11 in 1982 and Genuine ConFusion in 1984. She was, briefly, a member of the Detroit in '85 NASFiC bid. She was a founding member of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association and also co-founded and was a President of the Science Fiction Oral History Association. She ran for DUFF in 1995. She was a member of ApaCorps and the Secret Garden apas.

She frequently worked with Larry on fannish projects, including conrunning, videotaping con programming, and the production of Faans, and supported him in many other ways. She was a close friend of Bob Tucker’s; they were no relation, but rarely denied it when clueless fans assumed they were a married couple and Larry was their son.

In 1995, she married Irish BNF and pro, Bob Shaw, who emigrated to the United States to live with her until illness forced him back to the UK shortly before his death.

Nancy had a career running the audio-visual equipment department at the University of Michigan. She was an excellent and creative cook and gardener.

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