Miles J. Breuer

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(January 3, 1889 – October 14, 1945)

Miles J. Breuer

Miles John Breuer (né Miloslav) was a science fiction writer, part of the first generation of writers to appear regularly in the pulp prozines, publishing his first English-language story, "The Man with the Strange Head," in the January 1927 issue of Amazing Stories.

His best known work is "The Gostak and the Doshes" (Amazing, March 1930), and it was probably that story that made “The gostak distims the doshes” into a fannish catchphrase, rather than its 1903 coinage in an Andrew Ingraham lecture or its quotation in 1923 in the book The Meaning of Meaning by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards.

He collaborated with Jack Williamson and Clare Winger Harris.

Breuer was a contributor to the fanzine The Fantasy Fan.

In his day job, he was a doctor. He earned his medical degree in 1915 from Rush Medical College in Chicago. In 1916, he married Julia Strejc. The couple had three children. The son of Czech immigrants, born in Chicago and reared in Nebraska and Texas, Breuer wrote his first published story in Czech: "The Man Without an Appetite" appeared in the monthly Bratrsky Vestnik about 1916.

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