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Mary Morman attended her first Worldcon (and her first SF convention) at Baycon in Berkeley over Labor Day of 1968.

She vividly remembers seeing a naked Astrid Anderson as Dejah Thoris at the masquerade, reveling in table after table of used paperbacks in the dealers room, and having a pass made at her by Harlan Ellison in said dealer's room.

This eye-opening weekend led her into fandom and she attended cons for the next forty years while she finished college, married, and had babies - reading SF all the while. She is married to fellow fan Kent Bloom and live in Colorado Springs. They formerly hosted Washington Science Fiction Association and now host First Friday Fandom and she has chaired many of the COSines which it runs. She was the first President of the Worldcon Heritage Organization.

She is also interested in mysteries and founded Malice Domestic, a DC-area mystery convention for Cozies. Mundanely, she works as a Business Intelligence Manager for the support organization of a major software firm dealing with global hiring.

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