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Marvel Tales (Crawford)
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(Did you mean a pulp magazine?)

Marvel Tales (also known as Marvel Tales of Science and Fantasy) was a fanzine published by William Crawford under his press name Fantasy Publications in Everett, Pennsylvania.

Its five issues dated May 1934 – Summer 1935. Despite its amateur status, the magazine published a story by the already established Robert E. Howard, "The Garden of Fear", in issue #2 (July–Aug. 1934), and "The Creator", an early example of religious-themed science fiction by the noted Clifford D. Simak, in #4 (March–April 1935).

Aubrey MacDermott wrote (see Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom): “Peter Schuyler Miller's "The Titan" was published in the last two issues of Crawford's Marvel Tales, 1935. Unfortunately the last part of the serial was not published. "The Titan" had been turned down by every publisher for six years. Peter told me he had been insulted and called a sexual deviant by every editor he had sent it to except Crawford. Crawford also has the distinction of being the first publisher of Robert Bloch and Cordwainer Smith.”

Publication 19341935
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