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(November 28, 1943 – )

Barbi Johnson, left, and Marsha Brown in the “A Galaxy of Fashion” Show at Tricon, 1966.

Marsha Jones (née Elkin, then Brown) is a longtime convention fan living in New York City. She worked on a number of Northeast conventions in the 1960s and ’70s (including Noreascon 1).

She was a member of NESFA and of the Lunarians as well as of LASFS. She was made a Fellow of NESFA in 1976, and was on the staff of Niekas beginning in the ’60s. She co-edited The Hobbit Coloring Book. Marsha was a founding member of the Georgette Heyer fringe fandom.

She was married to fan Charlie Brown (1962–69) in New York. Subsequently, she moved to Boston, where she lived with Richard Harter. Next, she married British artist Eddie Jones and moved to England. When they split up, she came back to the United States. She is the sister of Sheila Gilbert. She published Brown Study with Charlie and Shelia.

In the UK, she worked on numerous Eastercon and Novacon art shows as well as the Seacon '79 art show.

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