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Apazine of Leigh Blackmore for the Sword & Sorcery & Weird Fiction Terminus (SSWFT) and Esoteric Order of Dagon apas.

Mantichore began quarterly publication in the early 2000s when Blackmore rejoined the EOD apa. In 2009 when Blackmore became OE of SSWFT apa, Mantichore was also distributed through SSWFT and is still currently going quarterly through both apas.

Many of the earlier issues can be found archived on (Blackmore intends to upload all issues but is catching up.)

Issue Date Pages Notes
5 December 2006
6 March 2007
8 December 2007
9 March 2008
10 June 2008
V3.3 October 2008
V3.4 December 2008
V3.6 misdated 2006
V4.1 April 2009
V4.2 July 2009
V4.3 October 2009
V5.1 February 2010
V5.2 April 2010

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