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Luncon, the first sf convention in Sweden, was held August 18–19, 1956, in Lund, arranged by the Lund club Utopia and chaired by the club chairman, Kjell Pettersson. 41 attendees.

Very sercon program, with lectures on the soon-to-be-expected discovery of antigravity, on UFOs, on mutations, and on modern foreign sf, the last given by author Björn Nyberg, who knew L. Sprague de Camp. A congratulatory letter from Danish sf author Niels E. Nielsen was read aloud, and the first known Swedish amateur sf film was shown (written, directed and filmed by Denis Lindbohm; around 20 minutes long and called Den stora nattens vålnad, Spectre of the Great Night, it's about an alien crashing on Earth, then hunted to death by earthlings). Much time was spent discussing the founding of a national organization for sf fans; one was duly formed and just as duly disappeared without a trace almost immediately.

Much later, several other conventions used the same name.

Con Dates Gohs, Notes
Luncon August 18–19, 1956
Luncon 2 1986 Chair: Martin Andreasson. Sponsored by the Lunds Fantasy Fan Förening.
Luncon 3 1987
Luncon 2016 2016 Sponsored by Malmö-Lund Science fiction och fantasy-förening.
Luncon 2022 2022

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