Lars Helander

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(1939 -- August 2017)

The first Swedish fan to become genuinely internationally active. His fanzine, Sfaira, was written entirely in English and had 5 issues from 1957 until 1960; as well as the first Swedish convention, Luncon in 1956, he attended the 1957 Worldcon in London, and visited fans both in Europe and in the US. He also contributed to many fanzines, in and outside of Sweden, among those to Eric Bentcliffe´s Triode and Greg and Jim Benford's Void. Early in the 1960s, Helander left fandom and after studies became a producer for Swedish television, then a state monopoly with only two channes. He specialised in programs centered on authors and literature, and his continued interest in sf was often obvious; a program on airships as mythology, featuring Michael Moorcock, was in no way untypical.

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