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Lunds Fantasy Fan Förening (The Lund Fantasy Fan Society, usually called just LF3) is a Swedish sf club started by students at the University of Lund in 1966. Early and very active members included Leif Andersson, Peder Carlsson, Cecilia Grave-Nyman, Arvid Gunnarsson, Kristina Hallind, and Bertil Mårtensson.

Although a few club members published fanzines of their own, and many others contributed to various fanzines, LF3 itself never published any fanzines. Instead, it concentrated on meetings and conventions, often with impressively original features; for instance, the 1973 Logcon opened with attendants entering an sf- and fantasy themed tivoli with exhibits and live performances.

LF3 alone or in partnership with the newer Malmoe-based club Makroben, started in 1982, arranged Malcon II (1967), Con 69 (1969), Logcon 73 (1973), Bacon (1978) and Luncons 2 and 3 (1986 and 1987), though by that time, a new fan generation had taken over. It then retracted into more or less slumber. The club still exists, but holds only occasional meetings for longtime members.

In 1981, the university's student newspaper accused the club of being a front for neo-Nazism, a touchy subject to many Swedish fans because of the earlier and truthful accusations within the Stockholm club Scandinavian SF Society. In LF3's case, however, the accusations were groundless and had originated in a satirical fanzine published by an individual fan from the area. Bertil Mårtensson, one of LF3's founders, quickly and effectively rebutted and neither the story nore any rumors were never repeated.

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