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(June 7, 1945 – )

Swedish fan Kristina Hallind enrolled at Lund University in 1965, became one of the founding members of Lunds Fantasy Fan Förening (LF3), and remains the club's unofficial head, although its activities in later decades have consisted only of occasional gatherings of longtime members. She was instrumental in many of the conventions arranged by the club, for many years contributed excellent short stories, poems and occasional essays to primarily SF Forum and was, with another LF3 member, Peder Carlsson, the fanzine's editor during 1971.

Hallind holds a Ph.D. in Literature and for many years worked as the department head of literature studies at Katedralsskolan in Lund, one of Sweden's oldest and most famous high schools with a study program specifically aiming at preparing students for university. She is an accomplished batik artist with many exhibitions and has written both fiction and nonfiction professionally. She is an expert on modernist Swedish poetry as well as on modern Swedish art.

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