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(November 17, 1920 – November 8, 1983)

Louis Edwin Goldstone, Jr., a California fan, became active beginning in the 1930s, with locs in the prozines. He published the fanzine Fantasia. A founding member of The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) in 1941, he served as chairman of the Welcommittee. He was a member of LASFS and attended Staplecon 1 in 1943. He designed the program book for Pacificon in 1946 and drew its striking cover.

An artist, he illustrated the 1948 Fantasy Pub. Co. edition of L. Ron Hubbard’s Death’s Deputy, among other things. He was nominated for the 1946 Best Fan Artist Retro Hugo in 1996.

In 1960, he was living in San Francisco, with his wife, Cynthia Goldstone (m. March 9, 1951), according to The Directory of 1960 S.F. Fandom. He appears to have remained at least somewhat active in fandom into the 1970s.

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