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Australian fan and collector.

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Dillon worked as a newspaper proofreader in Sydney for many years.

Dillon attended Aussiecon 1 in 1975. He never married.

He was a longtime member of the Sydney Futurians and often attended meetings at the homes of Leigh Blackmore and others during the early 1990s, and at the University of Technology Sydney in the late 1990s.

He was instrumental in loaning Blackmore funds to print the first issue of Terror Australis magazine (1987). Dillon acted as proofreader on all three published issues of Terror Australis magazine (1987-1992).

An enthusiast (along with other Sydney fans such as Graham Stone, Leigh Blackmore, David Ritchie, Jock McKenna and illustrator Gavin L. O'Keefe) of Australian pagan artist Rosaleen Norton, Dillon attended a 1990s meeting at the home of old-time fan Tex Clarke, who was a collector of Norton's paintings.

Dillon attended Syncon '83 and several of the 1990's Sydney Freecons organised by fan Garry Dalrymple.

Dillon's home at Petersham in Sydney was the locus of a sprawling collection of science fiction an fantasy, much of which was never permanently housed but resided in cartons stored in various garages and lockups around Sydney which Dillon hired. Dillon was ultimately evicted from his Petersham home due to the unsafe nature of the premises (this had largely resulted from his hoarding).

Dillon died in the early 2000s. More information on Dillon is available in issues of Garry Dalrymple's Green Basenji zine (archived at

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