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The Julie Award has been presented annually at Dragon*Con since 1998. Named in honor of Julius Schwartz, it is a presented to an individual to recognize lifetime achievement in a variety of media.

List of Winners

Year Recipient
1998 Ray Bradbury
1999 Anne McCaffrey, Will Eisner
2000 Yoshitaka Amano, Neil Gaiman
2001 Harlan Ellison, Alice Cooper
2002 Carmine Infantino, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin
2003 Jim Steranko, Forrest J Ackerman
2004 Denny O'Neil, Chick Corea
2005 Joss Whedon
2006 Paul Dini
2007 Peter David
2008 Mickey Dolenz
2009 Leonard Nimoy
2010 Stan Lee
2011 William Shatner
2012 Neal Adams

Award 1998
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