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(Did you mean a different Infinity?)

The first Infinity Award, for overwhelming contribution to Australian fandom by a resident of Victoria, Australia, was presented to Merv Binns at the 2012 Australian Natcon, Continuum 8.

The Infinity Award is intended to be a rare honour only bestowed for an achievement so conspicuous that the recipient's name will never be forgotten.

The Award to Binns was presented on behalf of the Continuum Foundation by Danny Oz, founder of the Continuum convention series and possibly the only ever non-West-Australian recipient of the Silver Swan Award for overwhelming contribution to Western Australian fandom. Danny announced that Merv would no longer need to pay to attend Continuum conventions. The Infinity Award trophy was in the form of a tall hourglass with wooden columns. After accepting the Award, Merv commented that the shape was perhaps not the most tactful for someone in his circumstances, as both he and Helena Binns were mindful that their time was rapidly running out. Danny, who was carrying the trophy for Merv, turned the hourglass horizontal and redistributed the sands within to a moderate extent, whilst reiterating the symbolism of the Award.

In 2019, the second Infinity Award was presented to Bruce Gillespie.

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