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Western Australian award for overwhelming contribution to the Western Australian science fiction community. This award, nowadays bestowed by WASFF, has deliberately been rarely presented.

In the lead-up to Swancon X, held in January 1985, nominations for the Silver Swan Award were requested. The first Silver Swan Award was presented at Swancon XI, the Australian Natcon for 1986 to Grant Stone.

When Jeremy Byrne accepted the second Silver Swan Award at Swancon 2000 on behalf of the editorial team of Eidolon, he said that he guessed the Award was meant not just for the core editorial committee, but for the entire editorial staff. (At the time, he focussed on the members who had been involved from the start, but he later apologized for having overlooked then recently joined members, and said that the Award was shared with them too.)

On an alternative, narrower, understanding as to the recipients of the second Silver Swan Award, when the third Silver Swan Award was presented to Danny Oz in 2008, he became the first non-Western-Australian recipient of that Award. (That is not the case on a broader understanding as to the recipients of the second Silver Swan Award; the editorial team of Eidolon had included, during its history, non-Western-Australian editors.)

When the fourth Silver Swan Award was awarded to the Gynaecon collective, it was represented at Swancon 41 by some of its founding members.

Year Winner Occasion
1985 Grant Stone 10 Swancons
2000 The editorial team of Eidolon 25th Swancon
2008 Danny Oz 33rd Swancon
2016 The Gynaecon collective 40 Swancons

Photo of the Silver Swan Award that was presented at Swancon 2008

Award 1985
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