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The Hynes was the convention center used by Noreascon Two, Noreascon 3 and Noreascon 4. It is formally the John C. Hynes Civic Auditorium. It shares a wall with the Sheraton Boston and has indoor connections to the Copley Marriott, making it an unusually convenient and compact site.

When it was used for Noreascon Two, it was a typical cold, gray, concrete 50s convention center and starting to show its age, but during the Boston in '89 bid, it was torn down and rebuilt somewhat larger and much nicer. The nearby Prudential center was also enlarged, so that the Hynes now connected directly to the Pru, which contains many restaurants as well as indoor walkways to several other hotels including the Copley Marriott and two shopping malls.

This revamped Hynes was used for Noreascon 3 and Noreascon Four and is judged to be one of the best sites Worldcon has ever used.

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