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After the existing bidders for the 1993 Worldcon made frankly awful presentations at Smofcon 6 in December, 1989, many con-runners were worried that none of the three bid committees who had announced (San Francisco in '93, Phoenix in '93 and Zagreb in 1993) were competent, and by March, 1990 it had boiled over and the Hawaii in '93 Worldcon bid was set up under the chairmanship of Lex Nakashima. (Other committee members included Elayne Pelz, Mark Olson and {four others -- need names}.)

The site selection filing deadline had already passed, so the bid would not appear on the ballot and had to run as a write-in. In the five months from launch in March 1990 to the vote at ConFiction that August, the bid won sufficient support to come in second, losing to San Francisco in '93. See 1993 Worldcon Site Selection.

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