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Smofcon 6 was held December 8–10, 1989, at the Holiday Inn Airport in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was chaired by Lloyd & Yvonne Penney.

The hotel 's most exciting feature turned out to be that it was so close to the end of the runway that people swore that plane's wheels were occasionally spun up by contacting the hotel's roof as they came in very low, right over the hotel.

The hotel's food was also awful — lunch on Saturday was included in the membership, yet many people went into the lunchroom, saw the limp sandwiches the hotel had prepared and left, looking for food outside the hotel. The hotel's poor food also resulted in the Smoffish Deathmarch.

Smoffish Deathmarch[edit]

Saturday evening at Smofcon 6, a group of smofs assembled to go out and find a place for dinner, figuring that in such a busy area near the Toronto airport, food would be easy to — wasn't there a Chinese restaurant just up the street?

Not everyone was dressed for a northern winter with significant snow was already on the ground, but ... it was just a short walk, right? (Janice Gelb, from Florida, was especially ill-prepared.) They set out and quickly discovered that while the streets were plowed, the sidewalks frequently weren't, and that a street which appears well-plowed from a car can still have a lot of snow when one is on foot. (In descriptions afterwards, the phrase "clambering over snowdrifts" was used a lot, though, technically, they were not snowdrifts but ridges of frozen snow piled up by the plows.)

The Chinese restaurant was closed, but further up the street there was another possibility, so the group continue onward. It was dark and a light snow began to fall. They pressed on. Wolves howled in the distance. Still they pressed on. Before they finally found food, three smofs were lost along the way and never seen again.

The food wasn't very good, either.

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