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A fanzine published by Peter Vorzimer and Tom Piper.

According to Terry Carr in Void 28 (February 1962, p. 33),

HA! was a humormag which drew its inspiration more from Mad than anything else, and it was Vorz's aim to sell it on the newsstands and make money with it. The covers were lithographed photos of Neal Wilgus, a friend of Vorz's who hung around the fringes of fandom for awhile, with idiotic grins and facial contortions, and the material inside was absolutely atrocious adolescent asininity (awfully apt alliteration, hm?). Just from glancing at one or two issues which Vorz sent up to us we could tell that he was ripe to be converted into a Los Angeles fan; he had that spark, as we say.
Issue Date Pages Notes
1 August 1953

Publication 1953
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