Gee Zee

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An apazine published for SAPS by G. M. Carr.

Issue Date Pages Notes
5 6 In SAPS 38. In Wrai Ballard's review of this in SAPS 40, he refers to this as issue "5/3", which probably means "Vol. 5, #3", as discussed below.
5/4 July 1957 8 Intended for SAPS 39. published in SAPS 40. There is no explanation for what the issue number means. This probably means "Vol. 5, #4", as discussed below.

Prior to Gee Zee, Carr had published Gem Tones Vol. 1 (1950-51), Vol. 2 (1952), and "Gemzine 4", which should be viewed as "Gem Tones Vol. 4", (1953 or '54-1960s). It seems likely that she had, after the fact, decided that the two year run of Vol. 1 meant that it should have been Vol. ! and 2, and that the original Vol. 2 should have been Vol. 3. It seems likely then that the numbering of this zine as "5/n" refers to this being, essentially, a volume 5 of "Gem Tones".

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