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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
A clutch of cooperative slanshacks thru which the FSNY filtered over the years, and which deserve enumeration as perhaps the most long-sustained of these series ever established in fandom.

Futurian House, on W 213th St in New York, was the first of these; it was inhabited by uncounted of them briefly in the late summer of 1939 until the ex-owner of the house was foreclosed upon and the new landlord hoisted the ante. The Futurians moved to:

The Ivory Tower, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn; so called from the color of its walls. It was the most famous of the Futurians' science-fiction houses, being inhabited by Lowndes, Michel, and DW3 all thru 1940. When the lease expired, Wollheim went back to his family home, Wilson to Raven's Roost, and the remnant to:

Futurian Embassy during 1941 (W 103rd St, NY); Doc and Michel later moved to Prime Base.

Raven's Roost, E 61st St, Manhattan ("a slummy dump") was the residence of Wilson and Kyle at first; later, Chet Cohen, Damon Knight and one unknown.

Prime Base, a few doors east of the Futurian Embassy, was occupied in the 1941 interval between the Embassy and:

Futurian Fortress, E 27th St, Manhattan. This was established by Lowndes and there he and Michel and knight and the Conways [the family name of Futurian noms de plume] lived till late 1942, when:

Futurian Foundation, E 27th St, Manhattan, was set up by Doc and Michel, &

The Hatch, E 30th St, Manhattan, was inhabited by knight and Cohen.

These two lasted thru 1943, when knight and Cohen pulled out of the Futurian Houses altogether and set up in Nome (E 17th St); Michel and Larry Shaw established Station X on W 4th St; the group was held together physically by meetings at Judy Zissman's place, Hangover House ("no, because the floors slanted so much", explains Larry Shaw) till the X Document blowup when all drifted apart.

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