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A Libertarian SF APA. Was founded by Samuel Edward Konkin III in 1975 at the NASFiC. He was a regular contributor, but never was its Overall Editor (OE). "By the way, I've avoided OEship not only to get out of the work, but also because I am strongly identified with a "purist" strain of radical libertarianism which is anathema to many more conservative ones who might otherwise wish to participate." (See Clear Ether! Vol. 3 No. 11.)

Frefanzine was meant to be as open and as broad as possible from the very beginning: "Frefanzine is intended to be an agora on information for libertarian-inclined SF fen. Definitions of libertarian and science fiction are taken at their broadest. I hope to see the "letting down of hair" that has evolved in other APAs such as LASFAPA and Minneapa, which has resulted in mutual support and reinforcement. I consider this a worthwhile state (*sorry*) of affairs, in which I myself wish to exist." (Op. cit., emphasis original)

The first disty of Frefanzine was collated and distributed on NASFiC 1 and there was a tradition of collating Frefanzine on almost every con Konkin and his anarchofriends attended.

Usually contained a lot of fannish and faanish materials, as well as some libertarian debates in comments (what else can be expected from a bunch of libertarians in one APA?) and the number of contributors always was relatively small but it all really varied from year to year.

Contributors and Apazines:[edit]


Publication 1975
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