Fred Duarte

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Fred Duarte at Boskone 28 (1991); Photo by Mark Olson

(???? -- October 3, 2015)

A Texas conrunning fan who found fandom in 1981. He was a member of FACT (of which he had been Chairman) and of NESFA. He was Fan GoH of ArmadilloCon 33. He had been married to fellow fan Karen Meschke.

He was deeply involved in running ArmadilloCon (chairing #s 9, 10, 14, and 17). He also chaired Smofcon 13, World Fantasy Convention 2000, World Fantasy Convention 2006, and Westercon 49. He chaired the San Antonio in '97 Worldcon bid and worked on both Texas Worldcons. He also worked on numerous other regionals and Worldcons.

Person Reasonator ????2015
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