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A kind of nebulous concom position, which can have wildly different meanings and responsibilities depending on the convention, the fan bearing the title and the chair heesh reports to. Most often, it’s a kind of dogsbody job that somebody who’s either a crony of the chair or an also-ran for chair gets stuck with.

Vice chairs are sometimes staff positions (i.e., assist the chair but do not directly supervise any major divisions or areas), sometimes line positions (i.e., report to the chair and directly supervise a significant piece of the convention) and sometimes fundamentally advisory. There is no way to tell other than by examining generally unavailable details.

Usually, only very large cons bother with vice chairs, and even many of those do not. Those that have them may have two or three. Should something happen to the chair, it is not a given that a vice chair will step into the top role.

No one keeps track of convention vice chairs, but the disastrous Discon III (the 2021 Worldcon) still managed to upset fandom over theirs.

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