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A series of filk anthologies published and edited by Lee Gold. It is distinguished from Lee's other filk zine, Xenofilkia, by containing primarily her own songs and being published irregularly. There have been six issues, all 45 pages long, the last in 2009.

Issue Year Notes Entries not by Lee
1 1986 53 entries
  • Anarchy by Vic Koman (ttto Jingle Bells)
  • The Fighter's Lament by Charlie Luce (ttto Norwegian Wood)
  • The Battle Hymn of the Fanation by Ted Johnstone, Con Pederson & Rick Sneary (ttto The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
  • Going Stoned to the Con by Ted Johnston (ttto On the Street Where You Live)
  • Hack 'n Slash Tonight by Scott Bauer (ttto Comedy Tonight)
  • Joy to the World by Sam Konkin (ttto Joy to the World)
  • The First Time I Made It Up (ttto Twelve Days of Christmas)
  • Lord of the Dance (additional verses) by Amy Falkowitz & Len Rosenberg
  • Mr. Johnstone - Mr. Pelz by Ted Johnstone & Bruce Pelz (ttto Mr. Gallagher - Mr. Shean)
  • Moon by Tom Digby
  • Genzine, Genzine by Tom Digby
  • Orcus by Scott Rosenberg (ttto Sounds of Silence)
  • Rebel Alliance by Cheryl Lloyd, Ray Lloyd & Ken Keith (ttto Temperance Union)
  • Song of R -- or The Cunting Song by Bruce Pelz (ttto The Hunting Song by Tom Lehrer)
  • Oh No, John (additional verse) by Karen Anderson
  • What Should We Do With the Hotel Manager? (ttto What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?)
  • The Travelling Trufen by Ted Johnstone (ttto The Raggle-taggle Gypsies)
  • Corduroy Trousers by Ted Johnstone (ttto Black Denim Trousers)
2 1987 45 entries
  • Terra by Don Simpson (ttto Put them All Together, They Spell Mother)
  • Do You Envy The Wind by Tom Digby (original tune enclosed)
  • The Dragons Roar In (West Coast Version) by John Boardman (ttto My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)
  • The Dungeoneers Song by Charlie Luce, Jeff Marr & Kay Shapero (ttto The MIT Engineers Song)
  • The First Day of Iggy (ttto The Twelve Days of Christmas)
  • What Do They Live On When They Can't Get Guest Star? by Kay Shapero (ttto the Armor hot dog commercial)
  • Looking for Nemesis by Rick Weiss (ttto Speed of Light)
  • The Motie Engineers by Irwin Strauss (ttto The MIT Engineers Song)
  • Music to Loot Dungeons by by Jack Harness (ttto There is a Tavern In the Town)
  • Storeroom by Tom Digby
  • Sung from Under the Bed by Kay Shapero (ttto Cecilia)
  • Well, Almost No Room... by Kay Shapero (ttto Temperance Union or other tunes)
  • You Don't Mess Around with Jim by Charlie Luce (ttto You Don't Mess Around with Jim)
  • You're Always Welcome in Our World by Charlie Luce & Kay Shapero
3 1990 45 entries
  • The Answer by Donald Combs (ttto Blowin' in the Wind)
  • The Balanced Song by Kay Shapero & Charlie Luce (ttto The Temperance Union)
  • Droozling by I Abra Cinii (original tune enclosed)
  • The Farewells by Arelene Kriftcher (ttto Simple Gifts)
  • Ghost Writers on the Sly (ttto Ghost Riders in the Sky)
  • Kismet by Art Rapp
  • Lalage II by Ewan the Mad Wanderer
  • Lord of the Dance (history) by Catherine Cook Macdonald
  • The Security Agent's Hymn by Rick Weiss & Mistie Joyce (ttto The Engineers Hymn)
  • Take Us to your Poets by Tom Digby
  • Thermodynamics Final (ttto The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
  • United Nuts of LA by Tom Digby
4 1993 36 entries
  • Alternate Routes by Tom Digby
  • California Love Song by Lynn Gold (original tune enclosed)
  • Captain Wilton Parmenter by Mike Rubin & Vinnie Bardolucci (ttto Signy Mallory)
  • Fact/Fiction by Roberta Rogow (ttto Both Sides Now)
  • Forever Lullaby by Janis Kelson (original tune enclosed)
5 1998 39 entries; "for MATURE audiences of all ages"
  • Dominatrix's Song by Leslie Fish (ttto I Love Paris)
  • Marquis De Sade by Janis Kelson (ttto Part of Your World)
  • Our Lady of the Storm by Roberta Rogow (ttto The Flying Dutchman)
6 2009 39 entries (all by Lee)

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