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Proposed by Doug Hoylman and Tony Lewis, NESFA set up the Fanzine Review Board in mid-1972. Tony Lewis was the first chairman and he was succeeded by Hoylman.

The Fanzine Control Act of 1971 is a little-known part of the President Nixon's Phase 2 economic program designed to fight fanzine inflation. Fanzines are important to the economy, particularly as regards the manufacturers of duplicating equipment and the United States Postal Service, and it is in the public interest to see that fanzines do not become so inflated that their publishers are unable to maintain them (the recent collapse of Science Fiction Review is a case in point).

The job of the Fanzine Review Board is to see to it that the President's guidelines are enforced (these include a maximum permissible increase in number of pages of 5.5% per annum; any editor going from mimeograph to offset must have FRB approval).

The Board consists of five fans, five pros, and five large contributors to the Republican Party.

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