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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The "h" indicates that the reference is to fannish deities. Art Rapp reports this to be the only genuine superstitious taboo known in the Microcosm. He points out its probable source: with intellectual maturity fans as a rule realize the dubious nature of evidence for a deity, but they've been so well inculcated in childhood with the various religious precepts against direct blasphemy that rejection of theism is sublimated in burlesque rather than manifested in militant forms. Fussiness over spelling God's name is a characteristic of Western religions, and such points of etiquette are natural objects for burlesque.

The major Ghods of the fantheon are Herbie, The Great Spider, Roscoe, Foofoo and Ghu. Minor deities include Ignatz, Phthalo, Ghughle, Bloch and Bheer. There are also space gods, such as Klono.

See also Fantheology.

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