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Fandom Harvest published in 1986 by John-Henri Holmberg's Laissez Faire Press in Sweden and was reissued by Ansible Editions as a free ebook at the TAFF site in May 2019, with many typo corrections and reversion from Swedish to US/UK quotation marks.

See also The Incompleat Terry Carr and Fandom Harvest II.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Bob Silverberg
  • Fantastuff
  • Inn a Mist (Innuendo editorials)
  • The Fan Who Hated Quotecards
  • Trufan's Blood
  • Forever and Fandom
  • Another Pygmalion
  • Perchance to Dream
  • Fandom Harvest
  • The Hieronymus Fan
  • The Fastest Ham in the West
  • Basic Research Is Not Dead
  • Buddha with a Light Bulb
  • Confessions of a Literary Midwife
  • Jeff Wanshel Called Me on the Phone the Other Night
  • Census of Wonder
  • Jack Gaughan: The Pro
  • the fannish i
  • The Infinite Beanie
  • Instant Karma
  • Fansprach
  • You've Come a Long Way, Baby
  • Unsolicited Afterword: John-Henri Holmberg

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